Quote of the Month

Start big doing what’s necessary; then do what’s possible; and suddenly you are doing the impossible. Francis of Assisi

Key check-outs

Management is not required under the Lease Agreement to allow residents access to the property keys to the units (such as when a child is locked out after School, etc) This is a courtesy offered by management. All required keys are handed Out at initial move in. If a resident should borrow the property key to the home, it must be returned immediately, Management is to have access at all times to the homes for emergencies, etc. If a resident would like to hand Out additional keys to children, etc., that is at your own discretion and expense. If your household members continually check out the management key without a prompt return, this courtesy will no longer be offered. Thank you for your cooperation of the property’s key policies.

What’s your number?

If you have a new cell phone, home phone number, or email address, please contact the office and provide us with the new information. This will allow us to keep our files updated, and we will be able to contact you if necessary.


Parents, please take the time to teach your children respect and what that means regarding a neighbor’s belongings. As always, parents and/or guardians are responsible for their household members and guests. Please monitor your children’s and guests’ activities. Children should be instructed of appropriate boundaries within our communities. Children should not stand and/or play on a neighbor’s porch, drive or yard without an invitation from the neighbor. Furthermore, Children must not take personal toys and/or items from another yard. That is considered theft, regardless what the item is. If It isn’t yours, you do not touch or play with it without the owner’s direct permission. Any continued trespassing, poor conduct, etc. will lead to management not offering a renewal of your lease when the current term expires. Renewals are not required from the landlord.

Give Garlic a Sprout Out

Don’t toss garlic with tails. Garlic gloves that have sprouted contain more cancer and heart disease fighting flavonoids than fresh ones do.  In fact, Korean scientists noted a 20% difference after five days of sprouting.  Why?  The spouting process produces unique flavonoid compounds called phytoalexins, which protect the plant from pests and disease.  The cloves can be more bitter than fresh ones, though, so throw them into the sauté pan, no in home-made salsa.